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The Auto Glass Repair Process

auto glass window repair
The window glass in your car, truck, or van, is a structural part of your car that provides strength and safety to your vehicle. When driving in normal traffic on any road, other vehicles can propel rocks and debris that can damage your vehicle's glass.
If something damages your windshield, back glass, sunroof, or side glass, repair the damage right away. A speedy repair can prevent further glass damage, inhibit water leaks from the weather, and give you a clear view to operate your vehicle safely.
There are several types of vehicle glass damage including star or bullseye chips, spider cracks, and stress cracks. The size and placement of the damage can determine if a professional glass company can repair the damages without replacing the entire windshield or pane of vehicle glass. Here is the procedure that a glass specialist will use to repair your vehicle glass.

Clean the Windshield

To properly repair the windshield or back glass, a professional glass repair specialist will work in a shop out of direct sunlight, cold wind, or wet weather. This will stabilize the glass while it is being worked on.
Your technician will first thoroughly clean your vehicle's glass with a microfiber cloth moistened with alcohol or a commercial glass cleaner. The repair technician will allow the glass to completely dry before continuing with the repair.
The repair specialist will scrape and brush away all loose glass particles and create a clean hole or crack to repair.

Prepare the Windshield

The glass repair specialist will pierce a hole into the glass at the leading edge of the stress crack in order to inject glass resin.
The specialist will then use a vacuum pressure tool to remove oxygen from the damaged glass area. He or she then applies a crack opener tool to the back of the glass to separate it a minuscule amount to receive the glass resin.

Inject the Windshield

With a glass resin injector, the repair specialist injects resin into the center of the chip or crack. As the resin is injected, it is forced from the injector into the outer edges of the chip or the crack.

Seal the Windshield Repair

The repair specialist then removes the resin injector tool and the crack opener to take the pressure off of the repair site. This allows the windshield glass to return to a neutral position. To seal the windshield repair, the specialist places a bead of liquid glass resin along the length of the chip or crack and allows it to set up and cure.

Cure the Windshield Repair

As the glass resin cures, the repair specialist covers the repair site with a strip of tape to keep oxygen in the air away from the repair site. He or she can then use an ultraviolet light to speed up the cure time on the windshield repair.

Clean the Windshield Again

After the resin cures, the repair specialist will use a razor blade to completely remove the tape and any remaining resin that is outside of the repair. He or she will clean the windshield glass again with glass cleaner and a soft cloth. To complete the windshield glass repair, the specialist will polish the repair site and the surrounding glass with an automatic buffer.
To have damaged glass in your vehicle repaired, contact Sportsman Glass. Our glass experts can assess and repair the damaged glass on your vehicle to be almost imperceptible. Call us for an appointment and estimate of repair time. We will be happy to repair your vehicle in our shop or at your residential or business location.