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Incorporating Glass Into Your Outdoor Kitchen Design

Modern outdoor kitchen

Glass is a useful material for using in the kitchen not only because it's naturally antibacterial and easy to clean, but also because its light reflection makes your room feel brighter. For those reasons, glass a prime material for an outdoor kitchen as well. What's more, heavy-duty glass is an especially durable material to withstand the rigors of outdoor living.

Find out beautiful and practical ways to incorporate glass into your outdoor kitchen design.

Glass Countertop

Many homeowners hesitate to put granite countertops outside because of the expense. Glass is a good and beautiful alternative for your outdoor kitchen countertops. Your two main choices are float and slump glass. Float glass is the traditional way of making glass, which results in a smooth sheet. The slump process involves shaping the glass via a mold so that the surface is textured.

Beyond choosing between smooth or textured glass, you can also choose the shape and edging. Pretty much any shape you imagine is possible with custom-cut glass. For edging, your options are similar as with natural stone, barring the more elaborate edges like ogee. Typically, you'll choose between a polished or textured edge.

You have other options to further customize the look of your glass countertop. For instance, you could choose colored glass instead of clear. It's also possible to have lighting installed underneath the glass to illuminate the countertop. You could even choose colorful LED lighting to make your serving area feel whimsical.

Creative Backsplash

You can also add creativity by utilizing glass as part of your backsplash design. Not all outdoor kitchens have backsplashes as the layout tends to be open. But if you have a work surface against a wall, consider protecting it with a glass-fronted backsplash.

One method is to have the back of the glass itself painted. You can choose any color of paint and use it as a backdrop for your kitchen design. The shimmering glass adds the gloss.

You're not limited to paint, though, for behind the glass. In fact, you could hang a print or a poster and use the glass as a protector. The print could be highly artistic, or you could choose a fun poster encouraging your guests to eat. You might hesitate to put such a fanciful backsplash in your proper kitchen, but it's a fun addition for an outdoor space.

Wind Protection Wall

On the practical side, wind whipping around your patio or deck can seriously decrease your enjoyment of the area. As for your outdoor kitchen, the wind can make using it almost impossible. Enter the glass wall for wind protection.

You have many options for a glass wall. You can choose to have it installed as a permanent structure. This installation is ideal if wind is a big problem in your area. However, consider textured or colored glass, or a glass film, so that birds see the glass wall.

If wind is intermittent, you could choose mobile structures. So you could top your outdoor kitchen with a pergola or partial ceiling. Once you have the framework between the ceiling and floor, you can have a system of glass walls and folding doors installed. That way you can open up or enclose your kitchen as needed according to the weather.

Glass Pergola

An option for the top covering is a glass pergola. The glass pergola is a cross between a sunroom roof and a traditional pergola. Naturally, a traditional pergola with open slats doesn't protect you from the rain. However, if you add glass panels in between wider-spaced slats, you have more protection with plenty of sun.

The pergola itself can be made from different materials. Wood is the classic, but metal and engineered wood are easier to maintain. Likewise, you can devise your glass panels to remain stationary or to open up.

Upgrade your outdoor kitchen design by including glass. Our experts at Sportsman Glass Co can help you with all your glass needs. Contact us today.