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8 Ways to Use Mirrors in Your Dining Room

Mirror in Dining Room
Mirrors in the bathroom or in the living room might seem natural to you, however, you might pause when you think of mirrors in the dining room. Well, according to The Spruce, hanging a mirror in the living room relates to the Feng Shui principle of doubling the energy in the space, which will make the room seem larger. This post lists eight other ways you can use mirrors to make a dramatic statement in your dining room.

1. Facing a Window

The classic placement for a mirror is opposite a window. With this placement, the mirror reflects natural light back into the room, thus brightening the space. However, be deliberate in how you place the mirror. You don't want it to reflect sunbeams into diners' eyes. Likewise, make sure it's reflecting your window treatments in a flattering manner.

2. Reflecting the Light Fixture

Dining rooms are often spaces where homeowners put statement light fixtures, such as a chandelier. Find a mirror tall enough to reflect the lower edge of the light fixture when you hang it in a traditional placement on the wall. This way your mirror is not only reflecting the light from the fixture but also attractive elements of the fixture itself.

3. Grouped with Candles

If you have a shelf or mantle in the dining room, then you can create an attractive display in your dining room. Start by placing the mirror on the shelf and propping it against the wall. Place a group of candles in front of the mirror. Make sure the candles are different heights. When you light the candles, the mirror will double the light.

4. Propped at the End of the Dining Table

Another way to use a propped mirror for décor is by choosing a full-length mirror and propping it against the wall at one end of the dining table. Choose a mirror that complements the rest of your décor. Likewise, don't be afraid to go larger than proportionate — you want the mirror to feel larger than life. Just make sure to position the glass so guests have a charming view reflected back at them.

5. Providing a Décor Focal Point

Providing a focal point is a hallmark of décor principals. A statement mirror can provide this focal point for you. Choose a mirror with a bold frame or that's otherwise eye-catching. Hang the mirror on a wide wall. Try to place the mirror so it's framing whatever it reflects, such as a window, art pieces, or interesting bit of architecture.

6. Hung in Groupings

A large mirror isn't the only way to make a decorating statement. You could also hang a grouping of mirrors. The mirrors can be identical or you could choose a group with a similar element, such as frame color. To find an attractive arrangement, place the mirrors on the floor and shift them around until they provide a nice shape. Then, hang each mirror up, following the arrangement you’ve already made.

7. Flanked by Artwork

Dining rooms are often formal spaces. You could emphasize that ambiance by creating a gallery effect with a mirror and framed artwork. Center the mirror on the wall, and flank it with the artwork. If you want to dial down the formality of the room, then you can use an asymmetrical grouping.

8. Obscured by Another Décor Object

An object doesn't have to be far away for a mirror to reflect it stylishly. Instead, you could hang a mirror just above a console. Place a décor object with an interesting shape or texture in front of the mirror. The object should stretch outside of the mirror's edges so that the mirror is a backdrop. That way the two items create a tableau and the mirror emphasizes the texture of the object.
Let beautiful mirrors with stylish placement enhance the décor in your dining room. Sportsman Glass Co can help you choose from a selection of custom and framed mirrors.