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6 Reasons to Use Opaque Glass for Privacy in the Bathroom

Opaque Glass in Bathroom
While most glass is transparent, smoked, etched, and patterned glass all offer some level of opacity. Because they’re opaque, you could use these glass options for a privacy screen for the toilet, bathtub, or another private area of the bathroom.

This guide lists six reasons you should consider using one of the opaque glass options as a privacy screen.

1. Glass Creates an Airy Ambience

Glass offers a naturally reflective surface, even when it's smoked or patterned. This surface works with natural light from any windows and the illumination from your light fixtures. While other surfaces like mirrors reflect light as well, the light reflected off of glass is more diffused, so you don't get a glare. In fact, if the glass wall is in front of the window, it will diffuse that light as well.

2. Glass Is Easy to Clean

Bathrooms can be messy areas, so any way you can make this cleaning task easier is advantageous. Glass features a hard, non-porous surface. This surface makes it naturally impenetrable to stains. What's more, the surface makes glass naturally anti-bacterial and anti-microbial, which comes in handy in the bathroom. When glass does get dirty, it's easy to clean with a spray cleaner and a cloth.

3. Glass Is Easier to Change

You can have a certain design in mind when you design your bathroom. However, tastes change. If you have a privacy screen made of another material like drywall, then it’s a more extensive process to change or update the screen. However, glass walls are installed using the same system as for shower enclosures — essentially brackets. So, you can change out the glass easily if your design vision changes.

4. Etched Glass Offers Privacy

Etched glass features designs and pictures that have been etched into the surface with acid. The opacity depends on how much of the surface is etched and how deeply. An etched glass wall can almost completely obscure what's behind it while still letting light filter through. What's more, you can choose to layer the etched glass for a three-dimensional effect.

Frosted glass is a close relative to etched glass. In the case of frosted glass, manufacturers sandblast the surface of the glass. The result is a uniform "frosting" that's similar to an etched surface. Manufacturers can create designs with the sandblasting technique, but these designs are usually simpler than their etched glass counterparts. Frosted glass offers the same levels of opacity as etched.

5. Patterned Glass Offers Design Options

Patterned glass is manufactured by pouring the molten material onto a patterned form. As the glass hardens, the pattern is molded into the surface. As with etched glass, the different types of patterning offer different levels of opacity. As a bonus, all patterned glass also features a tactile advantage because the manufacturing process leaves hills and valleys on the surface.

You have many design options with patterned glass. Some sheets come with a simple pattern, such as rain or lines, which would be ideal for a minimalist appearance. Others come with more elaborate patterns featuring filigree, flowers, or other fancy designs. In a bathroom, these walls offer lots of glamour.

6. Smoked Glass Offers a Chic Profile

Manufacturers simulate the look of glass that's been held to a flame to create a charcoal residue by adding darkening materials during fabrication. The result is a sheet of glass with a consistent gray or black surface and some opacity. The sheet of gray, mixed with discreet or sleekly modern hardware, creates a chic profile in your bathroom.

Smoked glass doesn't offer quite as much privacy as etched glass. However, its relative transparency doesn't mean you shouldn't use it use it for a screen — just keep in mind the occupant will still be somewhat visible.

Smoked, patterned, or etched glass would be a beautiful and practical option for a privacy wall. Visit our team at Sportsman Glass Co for all your custom glass needs.