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3 Ways Mirrors Can Improve Your Small and Dark Apartment

big mirror of a bathroom
One of the primary objectives in modern decor is creating a living space that is light, bright and spacious. If you currently live in a small apartment that has limited natural light, then this may be a difficult objective to achieve. However, with the right home additions, it's possible to transform your dark and cramped home into an appealing and light-filled space.
One of the easiest and most effective ways to dramatically alter the feel of your home is by using mirrors. You may think that mirrors are only used in the bedroom or bathroom but they can also be put to good use in other rooms in your apartment with amazing results.

1. Mirrors Effectively Double the Light in a Room

Mirrors can help to make your small and dark apartment feel lighter and roomier because they reflect back almost 100 percent of the light that hits them. Effectively, this means that you can double the amount of light in a room. This is true both during the day with natural light and during the evening with artificial light.
The more mirrors you use around your apartment, and the larger those mirrors are, the bigger and brighter your rooms will appear. This makes them an excellent way to create a more cheerful and light-filled room in a space that previously felt dull, dark and uninviting.

2. Mirrors Create the Illusion of More Space

As well as boosting the light levels in your apartments, adding mirrors to your living space can also make the small rooms feel a lot larger. Your rooms will be mirrored back to you, which creates the visual illusion of a much more spacious area.
Your brain will consciously understand that the reflected image of your room isn't actually increased square footage in your apartment. However, the human eye is easily and happily deceived, which means that you'll feel less enclosed in a small room when your vision is perceiving a much larger space.

3. Mirrors Are Creative and Functional

Having mirrors as part of a bathroom vanity, a wardrobe accessory and an entrance hall feature are common ways to use them. They often feature as a decorative addition to a living room, such as above a fireplace. You can also add mirrors to unusual locations throughout your apartment to create a unique look, as well as enhancing the light and space.
Choosing to replace tiling with a mirrored backsplash in the kitchen is a great option. Mirrors installed on the backs of your bookshelves is another subtle yet creative way to add mirrors to your decor. A wall-to-ceiling mirror placed opposite a window will dramatically increase the natural light in the room and will also function as another window to the outside world.
There are also many mirrored versions of everyday items that can further enhance the benefits that mirrors can provide for your apartment. Mirrored furniture such as desks, tables and chests of drawers are widely available. Mirrored tiles, kitchen and bathroom cabinetry and even mirrored light switches are all options you might like to consider as you are redecorating your home.
If you want to get creative and add a feeling of spaciousness and brightness to your small apartment, then the team at Sportsman Glass can help you to achieve this result. With custom-designed mirrors that are made to fit into any room or space in your home, you can truly personalize your space. More importantly, you can count on fast and professional installation of your new mirrors.
Contact the knowledgeable experts at Sportsman Glass to discuss your ideas and find out more about custom-mirror design options.